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Trains are awesome

22 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Taipei-Bullet Train - Trains are awesome

Today I went to Taipei by local train, connecting to high speed train, connecting to subway, transferring to subway. To demonstrate how vastly sup....


21 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Food-Vegetarian - Superpowers

My beef noodle soup and chilli overdose from lunch had left me with super powers. This has happened before. They must put something in this soup. ....

I hate buses

21 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Garden-Beef - I hate buses

The Taichung bus system turns any activity into an 8 hour journey. I went to a big park on top of a hill, you would think it would be a popular sp....

Rear of station

20 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Neon-Mall - Rear of station

I was tired from todays ladder climbing, so crap photos of nothing, get lost. I did see the waitresses at Cold Stone Creamery, with a tambourine, ....

Still more mountains

20 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Hiking-Dakeng - Still more mountains

So today I climbed yet another mountain, or series of mountains, I cant be sure. I ended up in a dehydrated state of delirium by the end of it, wh....


19 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Night Market-Fengjia - Tea

Tonight I went to what might be the worlds biggest night market, Fengjia, had a huge multicourse tea flavoured dinner, and took some boring photos....

Newer Taichung

19 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Museum-Xitun - Newer Taichung

I have found the newer part of Taichung. It is about 8km away from what is called central Taichung, soon to be renamed Taichung old city, in an ar....

Further orientation required

18 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Omurice - Further orientation required

Doing no research on where you are other than knowing how to get to your hotel, then setting out on foot in no particular direction in the dark, c....

Multiple modes of transport

18 March 2014

Osaka-Taoyuan-Taichung-Airport-Boeing 777 - Multiple modes of transport

As mentioned on the previous page, today involved multiple modes of transport to go from Osaka to Taichung in Taiwan. I wont bore myself by recoun....

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