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Taipei 101

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There are lots of Koreans in Japanese Taiwan

6 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Taipei 101-Food-Bibimbap - There are lots of Koreans in Japanese Taiwan
Dinner at the Taipei 101 food court

Its history time. In the beginning, Taiwan was a tropical paradise with Hawaiians on it, or people that looked like them, I will meet some next we....


25 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Taipei 101-Architecture - Protestations

I went to see my favourite building, Taipei 101. Theres a new subway line extension that takes you right into its basement, so that was exciting. ....

American diner

18 March 2012

Taiwan-Taipei-Architecture-Taipei 101 - American diner

I set out for another night market. It was further to get to than I thought, but I got there eventaully. It was also starting to rain a bit. Surpr....

Taipei 101

30 March 2011

Taiwan-Taipei-Taipei 101-View-Dumplings - Taipei 101

Today is both an introduction to Taipei, and a visit to Taipei 101, so my title is damn clever. First impressions of Taipei are great, and during....

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