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The other Southbank

20 July 2019

England-London-Tower Bridge - The other Southbank
Walking along Southbank to Tower bridge

For my last night in London I headed back to Southbank and walked the other way. Finally getting to the Tower Bridge, which despite not being very....


8 July 2019

France-Paris-Eiffel Tower - Hamburger
Pictures of the Eiffel tower and eating a hamburger in Rosa Parks

Something truly extraordinary happened tonight. I ate a hamburger. And not because I wanted to. Paris is rude. So rude that I was outright told by....

Revolutionary tower poetry

2 May 2018

China-Wuhan-Yellow Crane Tower - Revolutionary tower poetry
The yellow crane tower of Wuhan

The main thing to do in Wuhan is to go to the yellow crane tower, the internet is unanimous on this recommendation, so today that is where I went.....

Shining beacons of ancient

24 April 2018

China-Xian-Food-Bell Tower - Shining beacons of ancient
The drum and bell towers of Xian

This evening I did not really go far and I did a bit of a repeat of last night. Mainly because I was starving and my legs were tired from the sold....

Next town over

23 March 2017

Taiwan-Chiayi-Sun Shooting Tower-Garden - Next town over
An easy day trip to Chiayi from Tainan

Today being my last full day in Tainan, I decided to leave it and take the train to Chiayi (Jiayi), the next town over. Jiayi is where you can tak....

Chicken tower

21 March 2017

Taiwan-Tainan-Chicken Tower-Temple-Ramen - Chicken tower
Chihkan town in Tainan

Tonight I wandered off in the direction of the west central district with nothing in partuclar in mind other than finding dinner. Little did I kno....

Washing and walking

28 May 2016

England-London-Tower Bridge-Burrough Market - Washing and walking
Exploring Southbank in London

My day started at 6am as always, bright and early to do my washing. Having done my research and collected my change, this went off without a hitch....

Tourists everywhere

20 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Tower-Food-Pancake - Tourists everywhere
The N Seoul tower at dusk

I found the tourists. And yes I realise I am one. Before coming to Seoul I think I saw only 5 people who were clearly foreigners. There might have....


8 September 2011

Korea-Seoul-Namsan-Tower - Namsan

Let the epic walking begin. Decided to head out with no plan, which equates to the best plan ever. Right near my hotel, and in the very centre of ....

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