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Hot and dirty

6 July 2019

France-Paris-Airport-Train - Hot and dirty

It is hot in Paris, and very dirty. Thats my update. This will be another update with very boring photos. It is OK to scroll. Rewind a bit, and w....

Back to daylight

21 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Train - Back to daylight

Now I am back in Hong Kong, and despite being under 100km away from Guangzhou, it is not raining, it is quite bright, and very hot. I suspect the ....

Procedural challenges

15 April 2019

China-Hong Kong-Guangzhou-Train - Procedural challenges

Today was a day of many challenges, and associated crap photos of nothingness. It was again raining when I woke up, I splashed around in Hong Kong....

First of two loops completed

8 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Seoul-Train - First of two loops completed

Now I am back in Seoul and as the title suggests, that is the first of 2 loops or the second of 4 loops completed. Actually lets go with second of....

No ticket no passport no talking

4 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Train - No ticket no passport no talking

Now I am in Daejeon, in central southern Korea. No one has heard of Daejeon before, not even people that live here. A few unusual things happened ....

The grey and the train

22 November 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Train - The grey and the train

Now I am on the train back to Narita airport. In perfect timing the grey gloomy weather has arrived, just as I am leaving. Its impact on me is non....


12 November 2018

Japan-Fukuoka-Nagasaki-Train - Greyasaki

Now I am in Nagasaki. It is very grey. It did not rain much, it just stayed grey, hence Greyasaki. They appear to have built this city precarious....

Last day of boring train photos

6 May 2018

China-Hangzhou-Shanghai-Bullet Train - Last day of boring train photos

Now I am in Shanghai, my final destination. That means I have been on my last bullet train ride unless I decided to take a daytrip out of Shanghai....

The long view of the amazing blue

3 May 2018

China-Wuhan-Hangzhou-Bullet Train - The long view of the amazing blue

The last of the long train rides, I still have one more transit from Hangzhou to Shanghai but thats only an hour, todays journey from Wuhan to Han....

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