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I found them

16 November 2015

Japan-Hiroshima-Tram-Food-Curry - I found them

Not a lot of photos tonight because I took enough earlier and got back late. Instead, a lot of text. I went downstairs this evening to go out, an....

The island side

7 March 2014

Hong Kong-Causeway Bay-Tram - The island side

This evening I walked from one side of Hong Kong island (as opposed to Kowloon) to the other and did touristy stuff. That means this text will be ....

Last day in Hong Kong

17 May 2010

Hong Kong-Tram-Airport-Lounge - Last day in Hong Kong

Last day in Hong Kong as the title says. Flying back to Australia tonight. However the flight is at 9pm so I have plenty of time to waste. I took ....

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