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I have seen all of it

8 November 2017

Japan-Gifu-Architecture-Food-Vegetarian - I have seen all of it
The view from the Gifu observation tower

I am confident I have now seen all there is to see in Gifu. Time to move on to Yokohama tomorrow. To assist in ensuring everyone can see all of Gi....

The first repeat

29 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Ximending-Food-Vegetarian - The first repeat
Taiwan vegetarian buffet is excellent

Due to having a rest day of three mountains today, I needed a light dinner. So I headed to my first ever repeat dinner of my trip, to the excellen....

Global mormon offensive

26 March 2017

Taiwan-Puli-Food-Vegetarian - Global mormon offensive
Exploring the interesting streets of Puli

There I was minding my own business, going for one last lap of Puli at night, watching the step counter on my watch, when some guys across the roa....

Major rain no dampener

7 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Rain-Food-Vegetarian - Major rain no dampener
Vegetarian food in Taipei

Theres a flood. And yet still I went out without my raincoat. Not really a problem, there is an extensive underground network of tunnels. In these....

Homeless person

27 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Panda-Vegetarian-Taoyuan - Homeless person

I stupidly woke up at 5:30AM. My flight is at 19:35. So now I have to check out, leave my bags, and effectively live the life of a homeless person....


21 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Food-Vegetarian - Superpowers

My beef noodle soup and chilli overdose from lunch had left me with super powers. This has happened before. They must put something in this soup. ....

The weekend!

10 December 2005

India-Chennai-Vegetarian - The weekend!

First - a drama, my laptop started stuffing up badly, hitting certain keys would input 10 letters, some would trigger a log off, I couldnt log in ....

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