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The crush for the view

29 April 2018

China-Chongqing-View-Hongyadong - The crush for the view

I said the other night I would have to go out over the bridge once it got dark and take more photos of the Chongqing skyline, so thats exactly wha....

All the views

11 November 2017

Japan-Hiking-Mount Tanzawa-Shibusawa - All the views

OK, I took 43 pictures today, so this description will be brief, and lacking any kind of tangents or bonus observations not related to the day. I ....

Coat day

8 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Yangmingshan - Coat day

The day has finally come, the day where I get to wear my $2 convenience store raincoat. A great day indeed. I woke up and excitedly ran outside to....


24 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Bukhansan-Dobongsan - Rockfall

The last mountain! It was the most technically challenging, with lots of sheer rock faces to ascend with footholds and cables and opportunities to....