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Posting from the future

27 October 2018

Japan-Upcoming Trip - Posting from the future

It is not 27 October yet, unless it is and I have forgotten to update this. This year I will be spending more time in Tokyo than in previous years....

Pottery barn

25 April 2018

China-Xian-Terracotta Army - Pottery barn

In about 1970, the forgotten former ancient capital of China, Xian, decided that they had nothing much to offer. Smart thinking central party memb....

Castles gardens and tourists

24 October 2016

Japan-Toyama-Kanazawa-Kenrokuen-Garden - Castles gardens and tourists

Kanazawa has the same population as Toyama, and yet it seems 10 times bigger. It is sometimes referred to as little Kyoto, as a result, there are ....

Recovery mountain

9 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Hiking-Apsan - Recovery mountain

What better way to rest your aching legs from climbing about on mountains than to climb another? None I say. This particular mountain is called Ap....