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Miscellaneous ❯ ❯

Sony Photography

2018 Onwards

I already bought another new camera, a Sony a7ii. This is a full frame mirrorless camera, I also bought a 28mm f/2 lens to screw onto it. It will be interesting to see how it compares to my smaller aps-c fixed lens Fujifilm x70 which I also love.

Fuji Photography

2017 Onwards

If you are sick of reading about foreign travel, here are a heap of 'photography journals' taken around Australia using my Fujifilm x70 camera I bought in 2017.

Really old content

Dating back to the 1990's

If you are feeling really nostalgic, here is a tonne of really old content dating back to the 1990's. Its not guaranteed to work and its probably useless to try looking at this stuff on a mobile device.