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Tourist Freaktown

14 July 2019

England-London-Camden-Pasta - Tourist Freaktown
The sights and sounds of the ever changing Camden lock

Before doing the half made up stories of nonsense, I will talk about sport. Which helps carbon date my website. London today simultaneously had t....

The greyness sets in

14 July 2019

England-London-Walking-Chelsea - The greyness sets in
A grey walk along the Thames exploring Southbank

Of course, when I woke up, it was raining in London, because that is what London does. Thankfully it did not last long, after some real rain it ju....

There is no traffic in London

13 July 2019

England-London-Food-Oxford Street - There is no traffic in London
The area north of Kings Cross is now completely gentrified

Like the title says, the first thing I noticed tonight, no traffic. The daily consumption tax thing for crossing the red line and entering the cit....

Escaping the continent

13 July 2019

England-London-Eurostar - Escaping the continent
Taking the Eurostar from Paris to London

Now I am in London, England, formerly part of Europe, currently part of limboland. Escaping was not without incident, quite fittingly, just befor....

Back in Paris

12 July 2019

France-Paris-Food-Crepes - Back in Paris
A stroll through the northern parts of Paris

As the creative title says, I am now back in Paris, in the same hotel in the same room, for one night. Tomorrow I go to London on the Eurostar, as....

The great escape

11 July 2019

France-Hay-Sunset - The great escape
Escaping the monastery through fields of wheat at sunset

I managed to escape the monastery. After a long day of mainly looking out a bus window and being fed cheese, salted meats and various pastries, I....

The monk life

11 July 2019

France-Work-Monastery - The monk life
Living in a monastery in rural France

I have to run to a meeting shortly so this is a tiny update. Last night I went to a fancy dinner at a fancy hall de ceramique museum or something....

Even earlier morning stroll

10 July 2019

France-Paris-Sightseeing - Even earlier morning stroll
Paris at dawn, including the Academy of music

I woke up, immediately got into my inappropriate for Paris shorts and tshirt, realised I had time to take the train into the city and go for a 6:3....

Evening stroll

9 July 2019

France-Paris-Arc de Triomphe - Evening stroll
All the wonderful pay toilets of Champs de Elysees

My destinations are just about as creative as my titles, my photographs even less so. Tonight I walked up and down the Champs de Elysees to gawk a....

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