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Japan and Hong Kong May 2010 - Page 6

Day 16 - Monday, 15 May 2010

Last day in Hong Kong

Last day in Hong Kong as the title says. Flying back to Australia tonight. However the flight is at 9pm so I have plenty of time to waste.
I took 2 ferry rides, went to the rather disappointing art museum, and space museum and walked the entire length of Hong Kong island.
I also had subway for lunch, as I found myself in a part of town that was sort of industrial and there wasnt much around, Hong Kong subway is far better than the japanese variety, its identical to Australian.

Getting to the airport was very easy on the train, check in was smoother than ever, no queues anywhere.
And now as you can see below im sitting in the lounge attempting to put on just a bit more weight before I return, if I recall they have a gourmet ice cream thing here some place?

Here I am inside a tram, coming back from the very asian dried seafood market part of town which I somehow walked to.

That is the double decker tram which I rode on.

I like this photo a lot. The building site is for the new star ferry terminal at central. I guess they will let water into there when its done.

People are getting married on a monday morning.

Here I am standing outside of the art museum, last photo of the bay.

My last activity in Hong Kong was to play some retro video games, they were 1 Hong Kong dollar a game, which is like, 13 cents.

Heres the scene outside the lounge window at dusk, no outside viewing area at Chep Lap Kok airport, I like airports.

Time to test out the first class lounge food offerings, first up some salad, the potato salad was exceptional.

Course number 2 is a braised beef stew with mashed potato, and it was absolutely delicious, the beef melted in your mouth.

This is photo number 300 on this website for this trip, thats pretty exciting, I bored everyone to tears.
Also, Cheese!

Hong Kong to Sydney

2nd to last flight, didnt have to hang around Hong Kong airport too long.
The flight was uneventfuly, had a spare seat next to me, had the beef which was pretty terrible! But I dont think the other choice of salmon is something that should be served on planes because it smells.
I tried to watch a serious man, but it was boring and the soundtrack was kind of stuffed, couldnt hear the voice track clearly.
The flight was about 9 hours and it went pretty fast, before too long I landed in Sydney in the pouring rain.

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Day 17 - Tuesday, 16 May 2010

Holiday over

Only thing left to do is to fly back to Adelaide.
I have planned to take the last leg of a connecting flight from Singapore, which means I dont have to change terminals and I can hang out in the international lounge for a great breakfast and real coffee (see pictures below).
The domestic leg of an international flight is a confusing thing in Australia, you get special boarding passes with stickers on them depending on if you have to clear customs or not and where. The instructions for this were laid out explicitly before we landed in Sydney, as theres a few people doing the same flight as I am, and some of those are sitting near me (I had overheard conversations).
Despite all this, I think I am the only person that went through the transfer gate, everyone else went out through customs and immigration and back in through check in. And they were not happy and voicing their unhappiness, some of them seem to have even caught the non free transfer bus to the domestic terminal (the qantas one would have not let them on as their system is clever enough to know).
All I know is, when I landed in Adelaide and was waiting for my bag, there was a whole group of people complaining about their Sydney ordeal.

Last two pictures, coffee at the 1st class lounge in Sydney.

And my breakfast made to order, you can have whatever you want, the eggs were delicious, as was the bread.
Holiday over.

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