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Japan and Taiwan March 2012 - Page 6

Day 16 - Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Leaving Taipei

The interesting stuff finished on the last page. From here on in, unless theres a terrorist attack or my plane is accidentally a concorde, it will be boring pictures of airports, and airport food.

Getting to Taoyuan Taipei airport requires 2 subways, the high speed train, and a bus. I allowed 2 hours, it took just over 1. Every connection I had to wait seconds for.
This means I am at the airport way too early, which is great. As I did last time whilst transiting, you can walk a lap of the whole airport in about an hour without stopping. This is great fun, you can look at all the planes parked and taking off etc. The kind of fun only I find fun.

I also stopped for lunch, first lunch as I suspect there will be more lunch.

Later on I will type some more crap from Hong Kong.

Me looking pleased with myself to be on the unreserved car of the high speed rail.

The bus had all sorts of electronic equipment on a shelf in the back. All of it appears to be turned off. I gave it a close inspection.

The antiquated Taoyuan terminal 1. Terminal 2 is much much nicer.

One last chance...

...for beef noodle soup. Actually they have a really good Taiwanese restaurant in Hong Kong airport.

The lounge is nothing great, they do have a noodle bar but I recall the tiny watery serves they give you. So I will stick to green tea and red bean cake, coffee, wasabi peanuts.

Hong Kong airport

The flight from Taipei was short and uneventful.
I didnt eat anything as I was excited to eat a lot at Hong Kong airport.
I have 2.5 hours to eat as much as possible, GO!

First of all, the light was good and pollution low, so I took a photo of my plane, and many others, with the excellent mountains in the background.
Hong Kong must have been spectacular in the days before pollution. But I guess it kind of needs the tall buildings and neon as a contrast.

I headed to the Qantas lounge first, their showers are much nicer. It was strangely busy. Normally no one uses it as the Cathay Pacific first lounge has a full buffet.

This is all Qantas has.

I sampled some cold rolls and a dumpling with chilli sauce. Oh and some ice cream that I didnt photograph.

Oh shit, no wonder the Qantas lounge was busy. Im not slumming it in their business class lounge with their toasted sandwiches!
I better walk all the way to gate 63, about a kilometre!
I stormed along the moving walkways.

If all else fails....

I need not have worried, the full buffet is on offer at the Pier first class lounge.

Rare roast beef is the best. The scallop thing is good, the veal and pork meatball not so much.

There were several large cakes and tortes that no one had touched that werent pre cut into slices. I also was too afraid to ruin them. So I just had some fruit salad, chocolates, and a small piece of strange cake.
Thats it I think! I probably wont update this again unless something worthy happens on the flight back to Adelaide.
Thanks for reading!

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