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When Sony released the Z series walkman I found it strange that they used the album cover from an obscure solo album by Dream Theater vocalist James Labrie. Hes the vocalist from a band famous for having songs with 20 minute instrumental sections during which they tell James to go and have a coffee.
Anyways, I assumed the press release was just a fan boy who somehow got it on the marketing brochure without anyone noticing.
It turns out that every Z series walkman has this song on it (and its the only song on it), and that everywhere they are for sale they are plugged into docks playing this song on permanent repeat, and its a terrible song.

Camera Details: Canon, Canon PowerShot S90
Settings: 1/40 at f/3.2, ISO 80, 6 mm
Date: 08 March 2012 Time: 12:51:38