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Would you eat Taiwanese food in Korea a day after being in Taiwan? Of course you would.
My usual order of Xiao Long Bao and braised beef noodle soup.
The quality is amazing as usual, the service of the waiters however was not up to the same high standards as the other countries where I have eaten in the same establishment. My tea was never refilled and I had to wave to get someone to take my order etc.
However they might have been distracted, because at another table, a Korean couple seemed to be on a first date (at 1pm on a Thursday?) and he ordered for both of them, a huge amount of food, and it seems he ordered something she didnt like or is allergic to because she went into an insane panic and so the guy started abusing the waiters.
I am pretty sure it was his fault though, cause I watched him order (trying to get the attention of the waiter to take my order) and he got what he ordered.
After some shrimp and pork dumplings were removed from their table they calmed down and ate everything else.

Camera Details: Canon, Canon PowerShot S90
Settings: 1/40 at f/2, ISO 250, 6 mm
Date: 08 September 2011 Time: 14:21:46