Korea and Hong Kong - September 2011 - Page 2

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Last time I came here, I walked about 100 miles, its hot today so I am going to ride the shiny new metro. Wikipedia says you can use your Hong Kong octopus card on it...wrong. They are still planning that.
So now I have added to my collection of RFID train cards.

The metro is extensive, all brand new, very clean and has English signage. This seems to be largely for the 2011 Universiade games, whatever that is, which has the tag line 'it starts here, make a difference'.
Universiade 2011 advertisements are absolutely everywhere.

Camera Details: Canon, Canon PowerShot S90
Settings: 1/40 at f/2, ISO 250, 6 mm
Date: 06 September 2011 Time: 13:19:07