Korea and Hong Kong - September 2011 - Page 2

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I tried to order food in a few places, but failed!
The main food courts you needed some card thing I didnt have which they scan at the store, then you take it to the cashier. There was no English signage at all in the food court.
I was dying of thirst by now, so I found a supermarket in the basement for a huge bottle of pocari sweat. This supermarket had not only a KFC but a Dairy Queen and an Orange Julius in it.

As far as lunch goes, it was starting to look like fast food or something out of a packet from a convenience store, none of the stands selling pickled duck tongues could understand a word I was saying, no amount of pointing seemed to help.

The actual picture here is of a restaurant that seems to sell only rabbit!

Camera Details: Canon, Canon PowerShot S90
Settings: 1/80 at f/2, ISO 80, 6 mm
Date: 06 September 2011 Time: 14:52:14