Korea and Hong Kong - September 2011 - Page 2

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My plane to Taipei, Airbus A330. On the inside it was very old, still had ash trays in the seat dividers. Had the front row in economy again, and the cabin staff manager fussed over me non stop (must have been the only high status passenger on board). She kept bringing me things from the business class cabin I might like, wines, spirits etc. Eventually I asked for a diet coke having declined one off the cart, and when it came, in a real glass with ice instead of the can like I would have preferred, there was also a bowl of hot nuts and an after dinner mint I didnt ask for.
This perplexed not only me but all the passengers around me. When the plane landed all the staff thanked me by name. Very annoying!

Camera Details: Canon, Canon PowerShot S90
Settings: 1/160 at f/8, ISO 80, 6 mm
Date: 07 September 2011 Time: 13:29:20