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Korea again - Incheon - Daegu - Busan - Gwangju - Seoul - 2015 - Page 4

Day 10 - Thursday, 12 March 2015

Great wall of Korea

In about 1600, Korea and Japan were having one of their regular wars.
To stop this, Korea decided to build a wall along the mountains that surround Busan, so that Japanese pirates were free to download everything whilst Koreans watched from the hills.
No really, the wall was apparently a huge failure, first sign of trouble, abandon the city and its riches, go into the hills and enjoy the view.

This happened a number of times, 1600, 1620, 1650, 1800, 1920, 2020.

The wall itself is a mixture of new re creation of wall, original wall still in good condition, rubble you can walk along and claimed former site of wall.
Because there is wall to follow, today I didnt get lost. There are a few offshoots of wall, but I just kept to the city side.
It seems the wall is a ring, around a fortress in a valley surrounded by mountains, probably also a stupid idea, because invading forces just walked around it and kept going.
What this means for me today is, awesome views all day. 7 hours worth.
I went the entire length of the city side of the ring, so like a semi circle, which is half a circle for the geometrically challenged.
One day, I would like to complete the circle, however probably not this trip, theres too many other mountains around here. I know because I could see them all.
I believe todays route was about 16km, subway station to subway station.
Researching where to go was frustrating, as theres a cable car at one end, and a huge temple complex at the other. All English websites discuss how to get to the cable car without having to walk a step, where you can see photos of the wall, and then how to get back down from the cable car and drive to the other end and see the temple without walking at all.
The best way to go is to walk to the base of the cable car station, find a path heading upwards, then just follow the signs to each watchtower, Korean signs but with English numbers.
Or you can just listen for the Korean hikers and their transistor radios blasting out Gangnam style.
Thats enough text, I culled the photos from over 100 down to 33, so you shouldnt have to scroll too far.

This is the hill from the subway station to the start of the trail. The red poles going up are for the cable car.
I stopped at the homeplus supermarket for supplies, and succesfully used the Korean self service checkout thing.
It was in Korean but made by the same people that make the Australian ones, so the icons and order of doing stuff were the same.
I saw plenty of Koreans angry at the stupid machines though.

What kind of bullshit hike is this. Also theres an amusement park.

My route goes beyond the right edge of this map.

The hardest part as far as navigation went today was to find the start of the trail at the back of the amusement park.
They dont really want you to avoid paying for the cable car. This is a common thing around the world.
I downloaded the app to my phone, which is Korean google, and fantastic, it has hiking routes and topography incorporated in the main map.

First of many photos of the view. I zoomed. Those 2 big buildings are quite near my hotel. I can see them now out my window. And if they look in my direction, they can see my bright purple underpants as its all I am wearing.

Taken from near wear the cable car tops out. Those big buildings by the ocean are the futuristic part of Busan.
Note all the hills in the city itself, when you are at street level you dont know that theres more city behind them.

This is looking more in the direction I will be heading, along the various ridges.

Panorama 1. I broke the rules today and uploaded more than 1 panorama. I should add a link here to a full resolution version, but I cant be bothered.

The cable car is more of your traditional variety. It doesnt seem to run constantly, and the one I did see go past had no one on it.
I stood here for a few minutes waiting for it to leave the station to make for a better photo, but it never did.

And this is the first gatehouse, and the start of the great wall of Korean military failure.
Rebuilt. The rebuilt parts were guarded by rope, the old parts, you can dismantle by hand and walk along.

Very well maintained section of faux wall. Its much higher on the downward side, probably 12 feet in most places.

And here I am at the next watchtower. This is my happy face.

Selfie time.

And the next gatehouse, at another rebuilt section.

I am about half way here, and that ridge on the left side, in the background, behind the rocky ridge, I think thats the ridge I would come down on in a few hours time.
Got it?

Heres a view from the half way point of the ridges I had crossed so far.
Much of the time you are in trees and its not apparent you are going over the top. It really wasnt strenuous or technically challenging.

Next gatehouse....
Return of .....

There were a lot more boulders to come, but I thought these ones framed the shot well. I am an expert at photographic composition.
Sun is on the wrong side though.

And now, first glimpse of the other side of the mountain range. A great plain. With seas of presumably rice.

A good view of the wall running along a ridge.
I am setting a world record for use of the word 'ridge'.

I enjoyed the view from here. Its probably one of the spots I appreciated some pocari sweat energy drink and a calorie balance bar.

Next gathouse, I climbed up those rocks too.

Then I risked plummeting to a hilarious end snapping yet another selfie.

Wall snaking along the....RIDGE

2nd panorama for today, featuring rocks, wall, city and ridge.

Finally, somewhere to put my camera for a self timer selfie! Nailed it.

The final gatehouse. Now for the descent. Only another 90 minutes!

Turns out going down was the hardest part of todays journey, over this sea of boulders.
It literally was called, the sea of boulders. It went for about 3km.

Eventually I got to the top temple, where there were no people. Just this dog.
This dog did not want me to see the temple.
I thought I outsmarted him and went around to a side entrance.


Then I got to the main temple, Beomeosa.
It had many areas under construction.
You can get to this by road, which many people had done, however the nice walk isnt over yet, theres a wooden deck going for a few more kilometres along a stream basically all the way to the subway station.

Wooden deck walk goes past some very nice, very unusual houses. This is a cafe and porcelain museum.

I celebrated my 7 hour journey with a Nougat ice cream, which was $1 and fantastic.
Todays route is HIGHLY recommended, it gets my 5 star maximum rating for fun time in the mountains.
You can review my rating system elsewhere online.
The collection of mountains and ridges which join them are called Geumjeongsan. You are more likely to find info by looking up Busan fortress mountain hike.

Subway retiree fight

Tonight I went to an entirely different area, basically as far as the subway underground sock mall went, then I popped out to the surface.
I found myself in a very busy area. I dont really know what its called. It was not as big as last nights area, but still big.
I didnt stay out too long, even though its warm, but I did manage to see a live crab walking sideways across the street whilst a little dog barked at it, little did I know there would be more crab news later.
When I walked out my hotel, I noticed a restaurant across the street, advertising authentic Chinese beef noodle, the further I went away from it, the more I decided thats what I wanted, more on that later too.
To get back to my beef noodle possibility, I decided to ride the subway, normally I wouldnt mention that, but it was a hilarious sight to behold.
At each end of a subway carriage is an area reserved for old people. Normally they are engaged in debate about something, but on todays subway ride, some random old people whom I assume had never met before, decided to get out of their seats and start punching the air whilst hurling insults.
One old guy was hurling uppercuts and jabs whilst the other was winding up like a cartoon character, ready to unleash an almighty blow. I was too crammed in to photograph this unfortunately, but it had the whole carriage laughing.
I had to see how it ended and rode past my stop, a brave old lady with a walking stick smacked one of the guys on the back of the head, whilst another lady unleashed a fearful ear bashing that had both men sit back in their seats. The argument continued but alas, I got off the train.

And now, breaking news on Korean news, the local convenience store selling live crabs has been caught storing them incorrectly. Lots of footage of a thermometer inserted in a crab. This is on multiple Korean news channels simultaneously, each crew with their own thermometers. Thermometergate (crabgate?) is here to replace nutgate (nut heiress Korean airlines drama).

Tonights area has replaced bronzed children with chrome children.


Tonights random neon. No people in this street, but plenty of bright lights.

This heater is an amazing device. I simply could not believe the amount of heat it put out. Inside it is what looks like the afterburner off a fighter jet.
It was actually painful to stand near it.

And this is a car parking garage at a department store. Would you trust it?
It is at least 12 cars high.

Tasteful department store decoration.

And now my dinner. Chinese beef noodle was in the process of becoming Vietnamese Pho.
The menu was a strange hybrid, the decor was in the process of being changed (literally as I was eating).
I suspect once they run out of the remaining Chinese style food in their freezer, they will be Pho only.
So I got shrimp wonton soup, with rice noodles and pho broth. It was actually very good despite the fusion of Canton and Ho Chi Minh.

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David on 2015-03-13 said:

The dog wasnt aggressive at all, just observant.
I may have had a rabies shot years ago before going to India, I recall having a number of injections for that visit.

Jumbo Thai on 2015-03-12 said:

Grumpy Dog looks mean - was he aggressive or just a watcher?

Have you had a precautionary Rabies shot?

mother on 2015-03-12 said:

just read your earlier response to Vlad. to set the matter straight, I have no problem with Russians, just found it interesting that there were so many of them in Pusan when I was there. Also that they are so easy to identify as they tend to be tall and Putinesque. Don't forget my mother once wrote to the Soviets to try and send me to ballet school over there. And you think I am nuts!

adriana on 2015-03-12 said:

Nothing to do with clever, I just know that you are usually back in your hotel doing it at about 4.30pm which is about 6pm her so I check then while we are watching the sumo, then I stay up till midnight to see you second lot of adventures for the day. This may have to change next week though as I have to go back to work and will need to get up early.

Koreans very feisty - think parliamentarians fisticuffs.

phil on 2015-03-12 said:

David, the dog knew how you felt about him!
You might want to invest in a pocket GPS.

David on 2015-03-12 said:

I am impressed at how quickly you notice I have uploaded new content.
Does your phone tell you? My phone somehow tells me when theres new content on websites I visit often.
However I doubt you will even know what I am talking about, you must sit there refreshing!

adriana on 2015-03-12 said:

Temple guarding dog is very cute.

Day 11 - Friday, 13 March 2015

Both beaches

It was a bit cloudy, hazy and polluted today, so as a special treat, no mountain! I am already wishing however that I did a mountain.
Instead I went to both beaches in Busan, apparently number 1 and 2 in all Korea!
What better time to go to the beach than in winter on a cloudy and windy day.
In summer you cannot see the sand at either beach, the entire length is taken up with lounge chairs and umbrellas you can rent, and then the sea is filled with people on identical inflatable things, I presume most people cant swim.
The best way to demonstrate this is to google image search 'haeundae beach' I am not doing it for you.
On the beaches today were just a few people and their tiny dogs going crazy. Every now and then, a sandstorm would ensue. Some of this was just the wind on its own, which would blow small dogs out to sea, and some of this was machines moving the sand from one end of the beach to the other, combatting longshore drift (wikipedia that, I did my year 12 geography study on it, so I am an expert).
At the end of number 1 beach, is an island, which is now joined to the mainland, because rising sea levels caused by global warming have meant new islands have popped out the water, and other islands are now joined onto the mainland. Wait, thats not right.

Then after the former island, you arrive in future city, which as it turns out is nearly all residential, and hence a ghost town during the working day, and most of it is owned by Donald Trump, or someone thats stolen his name.
Update: I googled it, Donald Trump owns most of Busan.

Then its an hour or so walk along the various sailing club areas past the pointless ENORMOUS DOUBLE DECKER bridge that cuts across the bay until you get to number 2 beach in all Korea.
This was much like the first, except you look at the bridge, and the sand was much harder under foot, probably natural, I tested its viscoscity, 7.3.
One amusing thing here was a guy pretending to fly a kite. He had a big wooden reel with some string on it he was pretending to pull like a mime whilst staring upwards.
Every now and then he would run a bit then point upwards.
This had a few people trying to see the kite, but I am almost certain there was no kite! Nearby there were people laughing at the entire spectacle.

Anyway, after searching the sky for phantom kites for a while, I realized I could see a big mountain with sheer cliff faces, and wanted to be there, maybe tomorrow!

Haeundae beach is the area most people associate with Busan, lots of backpacker places, but the wrong time of year for tourists, thankfully.
I suspect lots of dudes with no shirts like to hang around here in summer and drink convenience store beer.
Anyway, theres lots of touristy things like this that exist for no point at all. This is out front of a pub.

Looking along the beach back towards another part of Busan. Yesterday when I was looking down at the city on my many ridges ridge walk, I could not see this entire area, as its behind another mountain entirely.

There is no smoking on any beach. Is this the case in Australia? I dont know. There is usually no smoking anywhere outside in Korea other than the designated shame huts for smokers.

I stopped for second coffee. I fear Australians might frequent this area.

And looking back in the other direction, from the island thats not an island. The ships are doing stuff with the sand.
Those tall buildings on the cliff at the other end are all apartments.
The little colorful houses (usually colorful, today hazey) going up the hill make it look a lot like bondi.

There was some sort of elaborate tragic story about this mermaid, involving pirates, the moon, attempted rape and mass drowning.

Boardwalk around the island was pleasant. Old person friendly.

I dont think this is functional. Japan is only 2 hours boat ride from here. I read that on a very clear day you can see Japan from the top of the mountain. I find this a little hard to believe.

First glimpse of the pointless bridge. Also that big building was constructed for the ASEAN summit attended by President Bush and others.

Now we start getting into Donald Trump Town.

Its guarded by a chrome robot.

Now a better view of the Gwangan bridge, its 7420 metres long, which is roughly 7x longer than the Sydney harbour bridge.
Its only purpose is to bypass the ocean boulevarde filled with pedestrians and cyclists visiting the cafes along the sea front.
It is one of my great rants that Adelaide does not have a continual road all the way along our coast, with a 40kmph speed limit, I think it would transform our city, it would become one long retail strip on one side, with beach views for all to enjoy uninterupted on the other.
Instead we have a few people with beach shacks hogging the view, and the road is diverted in land and around sewage treatment works and caravan parks....ok I am on a rant.

Impressive buildings. Theres a great promo video on youtube of a helicopter flying around in between them.

I had already spent too much on coffee, so I couldnt appreciate the Audrey Hepburn Cafe. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead I yelled at this sign for a while to see if I could make my voice be heard. Couldnt.

This is the local massive catholic church, in a wealthy area as we are by the beach and the yacht club.
It is much bigger than the picture suggests, The blue truck going past is a long way from the Church. I estimate it to be 10 storeys.

And this is the new car belonging to one of the catholic priests who collect money for that church. Not even joking. Hes even Italian if the mirrors are anything to go by.
Note the rolls royce behind the glass too.

And now here we are at the other beach.

Todays panorama, featuring the huge bridge. It extends far to the left and right of this image.

Final photo from today, thats future city on the right edge, which was about the half way point of my walk. I think today was only about a 5 hour walk, but my legs are sorer than after mountain walks.
Better head back to the mountains tomorrow, unless its raining!

Worlds biggest

It was raining a little tonight, so it was time to head out to see some of the worlds biggest things. One of them a big building, and another the biggest roof, both of which probably meant I wouldnt be in the rain.
More on the biggest things in the big pictures below.
Now to talk about Korean girls, and their need to look at themselves, all the time.
I constantly see them looking at themselves on their phone using the front facing camera. Not just a glance, not just every now and then, but constantly, and continuously. I am talking 5 minutes straight, zoom, all angles, some kind of app that changes things, live streaming to cloud so you can watch a replay of your face later.
This behaviour is only for girls (women), boys (men) play games.
Now the location you are in has no impact on this behaviour either, crossing the busy street, on the train, eating your dinner in fancy restaurant, going up the escalator, on top of a mountain.
In related news but involving a guy instead of a girl, I saw a guy walk up to a urinal playing his phone one handed, but then he needed both hands to slay the dragon at the end of level 9, no problem. No interuption to stream detected.

The subway comes out at basement level 3 of the Shinsegae store at Centrum city, which is a great food court, a bit different from the others, many choices.
There was a store devoted to puffer fish, in all its forms. The worlds biggest puffer fish specialty food court restaurant.

Up on level 4, and its the worlds biggest ice skating rink built on top of a subway station.

I think the entire monolithic building used to be filled with retail, but times are tough, some of the 'store' is now the training centre for employees. Other parts that are off limits are a private spa, gym, driving range.
Thats not to say the place isnt enormous, there are 9 starbucks stores within the store.

One of the corners where theres little specialty stores, mainly featuring crushed molluscs you can either rub on your face or eat, or rub on your face then eat, whilst looking at yourself on your phone.

Without a doubt, the worlds largest pirate ship and crystal skull rooftop playground.

The rooftop garden was just me, enjoying the view, in the rain. It was very warm though.

The worlds largest rooftop dinosaur park and African safari zoo.

My dinner was up on the 9th floor, and surprisingly, given the reputation for Shinsagae to be super expensive, it was only $10.
It looks like bibimbap, but it was advertised as a mushroom hotpot, which it largely is, the picture had different vegetables, but they added the regular kind.
Plenty of delicious pickled side dishes though, and I really like the concept of add your own pepper sauce, that way I can just be stupid about it and add it all.

Whats going on with this pencil?

I did my best to photograph it, but we will struggle for scale. The central bit is 14 storeys, but the place is a cube, and goes far undergroud.
The cars in the foreground here are a long way from the store.
If you look closely at the much smaller Lotte store next to it, you can see the stair cases on its right edge.

This area is called Centrum city, a different area to this mornings future city, although still partially owned by Donald Trump.

Now we move onto the worlds biggest cinema / outdoor cinema, roof, LED display. This structure is just stupidly impressive, built for the Busan international film festival thats on each year. I cant fit all of the angled roof in the shot.

In this photo, I have gone back as far as I can, but cant get the whole place in. For perspective, if you look just to the bottom left of the cinema screen, you can see a lady in an orange jacket.

And now the greatest shot of all. This is at least 100 metres long, and changes pattern constantly like the Rundle lantern in Adelaide.
The statue is a giant eagle on its side. Look closely at the centre of the photo, thats the stadium seating.
There is still more of that roof behind me too.

I now need it to stop raining so I can go to the mountain tomorrow, forecast says sun, but I fear mud!

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adriana on 2015-03-13 said:

Maybe my eyes are out of focus and I need real glasses at last. Like all the world's biggest thingies, particularly the spectacular buildings. None of these existed in 2001 when I was there.

David on 2015-03-13 said:

I dont know how they can be out of focus, they are all wide shots, with the focal point at infinity.
However I also dont know how you having a crap computer can make photos appear out of focus either

jenny on 2015-03-13 said:

I completely agree with your rant. I've always said the same thing about a boulevard along Adelaide beaches. they've attempted a walkway, but even that doesn't go all the way. Also like the skyscrapers. I think my computer might be on its last legs as your photos seem out of focus!

Day 12 - Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mine zone

The rain is gone!
This means only one thing, to the mountains!!! Yes 3 exclamation marks.
Todays mountain is right in the city, which probably means great views, I couldnt wait to find out, and was out the door early, via coffee and a delicious blueberry bagel that had cranberrys in it, with cream cheese that was crunchy.
It is warm today, so I elected for just T-shirt and jacket, oh and pants.
Luckily I also remembered my gloves, as a few times on the way down today I slid on my ass and had to grab hold of things. Nothing too dramatic, just quite sandy and steep in places.
Todays mountain was called Jangsan, and is right at the very end of the subway line, a 30 minute ride from the centre of town.
I bought some wafer biscuits for my summit snack (tm). This was a bad choice, as they somehow got crumbled, and at the top I got to pour some crumbs down my throat.

It wasnt a particularly long or difficult ascent, but the descent was tricky, and once I got back into the city, it was just as steep, yet somehow the bus makes it way up there, for me to ignore it and walk for an hour or so to the subway.
The race was on to get back to my room in time to steal the formula 1 qualifying stream from somewhere using Koreas fantastic internet, so far as I type this, its working perfectly.
Unfortunately, when I got to my room it was in the process of being cleaned, by 3 Korean ladies, who were very apologetic that I arrived before they had finished. I gave them 10 minutes to do what they needed to do and GET OUT, as i had streaming internet tv to watch. They complied, this time...

Update: I made good on my promise to myself to upload hi resolution versions of the panorama photos, you can find the link on the left in the menu.

It may be the last subway stop, but its still a metropolis of tall buildings. Actually what seems to be a very nice suburb. Quiet on a saturday morning.
Speaking of subways, the subway sandwich shop does not exist in Korea. I need to look that up and confirm, but I have not seen one yet, and in all other countries including non popular areas of China, they are everywhere.

Todays mountain, actually the ridge behind the peak in the foreground. Todays path was very easy to follow, and being a Saturday, there were quite a few people.
Never enough to hinder progress, but I passed someone every minute or two.
Also, different sorts of people, less 70 year olds, more children with their parents, teens on a hiking date, plus 70 year olds.
The fluoro-oscity of your jacket directly correlates with your age, the older you are the brighter it is.

This mobile phone tower features a realistic tree like trunk, and some hyper realistic plastic branches.

The lower areas of todays hike, basically in a park, featured a few waterfalls. There was no snow or ice at all today.

The last bit that was road was extremely steep. Steep enough for people to be coming down backwards. At the bottom of this is a huge outdoor old persons exercise area, featuring the usual machines, but also free weights, hula hoops, medicine balls, boxing gloves and bags to practice your moves for the subway ride home.

Todays sea of boulders was short but challenging. I think it was also optional. I opted.

I thought I lost the trail. But no, the trail goes directly through this makeshift tent city, which as it turns out, is a cafe. Free wifi. Cheaper than starbucks. No yak milk.
The Korean Aunties running the place looked pretty mad at me for daring to walk through. Their dog which was thankfully chained up then went crazy, it was only a small dog but I think he wanted to tear my throat out.

Time for a selfie at a convenient observation deck perhaps half way up.

As the title for todays adventure suggests, this mountain has landmines.
If you google Jangsan, you will see a picture of this sign, which is all over the mountains.
Some people suggest its a lie to make you stick to the path, and perhaps the US military is installing the missile shield system up here.
Some people (me) think they put landmines up here so that when Japan invades and the people of Busan flee to the useless wall on the next mountain range by going over this one, that they all get blown up so they dont wreck the rebuilt wall.

Bonus sea of boulders. I was listening for the click sound with every step which would alert me to the fact I had stepped on a mine.

And now I am at the top. With the greatest view ever. These guys were extremely happy to be here. Nice clear day.

You can get close to a 360 degree view from here. I stayed here for close to an hour absorbing it.

One of many panoramas I took today. I might make a link to them in full high res on the menu at some point.

That mountain was the Korean great wall mountain from 2 days ago. I started on the left edge, went over the first one left to right, along that lower bit, then up again and all along the ridges and off the right edge of the screen.

So I probably should have typed whats on the above photo on this one instead, which shows the whole trek from the other day. I should draw a red line on the photo.

I took my jacket off. Bad idea. Cold.

One last picture from the top. This is looking down on the main beach area which is towards the right of this photo.
I am very confident where everything in Busan is when on top of the mountain. Hopeless at understanding what direction I am facing when on the ground.

I went down a completely different way, basically the opposite side of the mountain, which was steep and slippery. It didnt take long, but then I ended up in a part of the city built on a very steep hill.
It took me 90 minutes to walk back to the subway, but like everywhere else in Busan, seems to be a really nice part of town. Where are the slums?

And so I finally decided to have Dos Tacos. I was won over by their burrito salad, which admittedly was delicious. Lots of colors in the salad, good hot sauces, hardly any useless sour cream added. I do recommend when you are sick of Korean food. It probably could come with some kimchi though.

The docks

This evening I decided to head down the docks for a while, see if I could find passage on a Russian tralwer to Kamchatka, where I hear they have excellent mountains. No such luck.
There was however plenty of activity going on, and I saw everything the ocean has to offer once its been swept clean by huge nets.
There was a large array of crabs, many different kinds, still alive, huge. I didnt take any photos as I didnt want to take my hands out of my pockets, everyone working there had serious gloves on.
Also, I was getting wet, angry eels were splashing me.
Outside on the dock itself, there were many boats tied up unloading stuff, but I think they could only be local boats, as theres no customs area, and I assume Korea doesnt just want anyone coming ashore.
There were even a few guys getting around in Korean navy uniforms.
All in all, it was a fairly clean area, nothing untoward was observed.

So I headed back to the neon world, but resisted taking photos, probably should have because I didnt take enough this evening.
Highlights from the busy shopping area included mobile crazy person karaoke. A woman had a large delivery trolley rigged up with loudspeakers, screens, a computer, microphone gaffa taped to her face and car batteries powering it all, whilst making her way through the crowds in a filthy clown outfit belting out Justin Bieber. People were generally getting the hell out the way.
Then later in the evening, I went to the local 24 hour supermarket, and saw a guy in his wives pyjamas, well I am assuming as they were white fluffy pants with teddy bears and pink hearts. He had combined this with a camo jacket, and was buying nothing except a cheap business shirt. I think he should buy some new pants.

View looking out to sea, except theres more land over there, and islands and whatever, and a huge bridge. Very confusing geography.

The other direction also had land and housing. If I didnt check google maps, I would assume it was a lake.

Inside the multilevel wet market that goes as far as the eye can see. Everything is alive, and leaping out of those tanks and plastic buckets.

Go up a level and its EAT EVERYTHING RAW super food court. Seriously, they were eating everything raw, prawns, crabs, things out of shells, gnawing into a still moving fish scales and all.
You also have to sit Asian style, on the floor with your shoes off. I wasnt about to take my shoes off in case a crab wandered off someones plate and got my toe.

Further along, and you get to the people that cant afford a spot indoors, and just set up outdoors, with dead things rather than live things.
It goes forever, yet theres hardly anyone here. A lot of these people looked like seasoned fishermen though, not a lot of teeth.

And then for dinner, I decided to go with fast good again! Coco curry, only it was not like it should be. They added tomato sauce and sour cream to the curry, this was not in the picture on the menu, and its never had a tomato sauce flavour when I have had it in other countries.
Still, I tried for omurice the other night in Daegu, and got a fried egg on top of rice, at least this time they got that right.
Probably best I go back to Korean food tomorrow.

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David on 2015-03-15 said:

No cable car to this area.

Also, as for apostrophes, the reason I dont use them routinely is they break my code unless I escape them with a backslash.
It is separate from the comments, where they work fine.
I could fix this but I am lazy.
To do my page there just a few commands -
title('I went up a mountain')
text('Today I went up a mountain and did stuff')
pic('This text describes the pic')

Note all the content is between apostrophes, so I would have to remember to do -
text('I dont\'t always remember to add the backslash')

adriana on 2015-03-14 said:

I think you still haven't found the port area where I was in 2001. It is where the jetfoil boats from Hakata in Japan tie up. They are called Beetles cos that's what they look like. I think it was sort of round a bit of a peninsula and you had to walk a bit to get to actual streets where there are office buildings etc. Like the night photos of the harbour. Would you consider using the possessive apostrophe in your writing at all?

jenny on 2015-03-14 said:

Nice photos today. Any cable cars for old cripples/lazy people? BTW, do they have gyoza in Korea?

Page 5 is just a click away, I bet theres mountains on it.


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