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London - September 2009 - Page 2

Day 5 - Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Went to Kings Cross for Work again

Full day of meetings.
It took a full hour longer to get to work today than yesterday as two tube lines were closed and I had to go around and then up to get to the nearest station which was Euston, then walk about 20 minutes. I didnt find this overly confusing, but plenty of people on the trains seemed to be lost.
In the evening I went for a long walk, and got lost. Assumed I was walking away from my hotel but eventually found myself heading back towards liverpool station without understanding how.
Had a good look around a tescos store, most stuff was cheap, even meat, but it appeared to be of a poor quality.
Also found out that behind my hotel is a little laneway where jack the ripper did some of his ripping. There are signs on the wall explaining what went on, including removal of wombs.

Heres the view out of my hotel window. As far as I can tell no work is happening on that building site. At least I get a window, as some hotels in London are advertised as not having a window, something I think is illegal in Australia.

Another famous landmark, st pauls something?

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Day 6 - Thursday, 10 September 2009

Kings Cross, big meeting day

Today was the day which workwise is the entire point of my trip. Which went off without a hitch.
Stayed quite late at work, so by the time I got home I decided to just walk around my Hotel, I didnt take my camera as I thought there would be nothing to see, so no photos today.
Walked up Whitechapel road, past a large hospital and the muslim centre. I was totally amazed at the number of fried chicken shops, I estimate there were 50 of them on this road alone in 2km. I guess muslims really love fried chicken.
Finally got to a place which wasnt selling fried chicken called J D Wetherspoon, which appeared to be a pub, but I suspect its part of a chain of pubs.
Now the price was fine, 9 pounds for rump steak with chips and vegetables, but I do have to say this was the worst steak I have eaten in my entire life. I still managed to eat the entire thing though, I was hungry. Also all the chips had black bits on them, and the vegetables were peas out of a can and a raw mushroom.
The place was full of guys trying too hard, with vests, hats and some sort of stupid little scarf. These were fashion accessories as its too warm to wear that sort of thing for comfort. I couldnt leave soon enough.

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Day 7 - Friday, 11 September 2009

St Albans

Had to take the train out to st albans today, a small old looking place north of London.
Still very impressed with the trains, it was on time, very fast and empty.
Met a few people from France who came over for the day, as you can see I went to a place with some of our trucks, I have taken this photo as proof that I work for a living occasionally.
Went to a local pub for lunch, and they had a rump steak salad with Shropshire blue cheese, which is my favourite cheese in the world.
After work, went to another pub, where I laughed as people tried to drink the local cider which they all thought was horrible, I had a diet coke.
In the evening I went out and took some tourist photos, as you can see below.


Our truck with a cleanaway bin, in Australia we are competitors, in the UK we bought them out.

The millennium wheel, its purple.

Its me!

Big ben, I timed it, its running 14 nanoseconds slow.

More of the same.

Again, but with more parliament, it was me and 300 other people taking photos.

I was bored of big ben, so the nearby bridge was more entertaining.

A total fluke, but I like it, I picked up the camera before it had finished accidentally.

Trafalgar square.

More of the square.

The national gallery.

Heading into the tube.

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Day 8 - Saturday, 12 September 2009

The studio visit

Lots to do today, first of all theres no more work so now im on holidays.
First I had to move hotels, across town to earls court.
My new hotel is a best western, its nicer than the ibis, but smaller, single bed only and the desk along side it is in a position where you cant sit at it, so I have to sit on the bed to use my computer.
However the bathroom is very nice. The location is much nicer, its the posh end of town, very near to harrods etc.

In the afternoon I head out to Teddington, to meet people ive known for 14 years but never met in person at their studio/boys club/xbox room.
The studio is impressive, and everyone turns up eventually. We go out to dinner for Chinese at Ting Tings, which is pretty good despite the name.
Too many people for me to keep up with arrive and I become bewildered! Too soon its time to go.
Was good to meet everyone in person after such a long time of trading insults textually. To protect the innocent, no pictures were taken!

This is a public toilet in england, I never did spot a girls one.

The underground.

Train approaches the underground.

The penis building again, pretty sure its the tallest building, london doesnt really do tall buildings.

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