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London 3 - June/July 2010 - Page 3

Day 10 - Sunday, 4 July 2010

Administration day

Today I did 2 things which less diligent workers wouldnt do.
First of all I went and did my own laundry using my own money, which costs a fortune ($20 for 1 load of washing) and 2 hours of your time on a Sunday. Everyone else I work with would just pay for the hotel to send it out and have it done for $100.
I hate doing the laundry, finding change was a drama, I had to buy food I didnt want just to get change, but my clothes are clean now and I can go to work tomorrow.

Secondly, I changed hotels, I did this to save money for the company. The cheap hotel wasnt available when I got here last week but it is now so I am moving. The added advantage is that the hotel I have moved to has an in room fridge and microwave, so I can buy cheap supermarket meals instead of eating out to save still more money.
Those of you at my work reading this, pay attention, theres no excuses anymore for the huge amounts of money you all waste!!!!

Upon arriving at my new hotel after lugging my bags on 2 tube trains and up 1000 stairs, I discovered the street was closed off for the Earls Court street fair. This was largely food stalls which I have photographed below, theres a story involving police about one of the photos.

In the evening I went for a walk around Chelsea and Fulham and the amount of fancy cars was ridiculous, I didnt take photos though as I know that bores everyone that can be bothered to read this.
But then...I heard the most amazing noise and before I could get my camera out a pagani zonda roared past at what sounded like 10,000 RPM. The driver then hit the brakes and did a flick turn with plenty of tyre smoke and went back the other way, all on a busy road in traffic, and all without me being able to take a photo.

Heres the stage for the street festival, literally right under my hotel room window. Luckily it stopped by mid evening. But before this I was treated to a series of bad cover bands, including Lady Gaga done by a guy. Isnt the real lady gaga supposed to be a guy anyway?

The street fair had a number of interesting food stalls.

Various kinds of Paella, none of these places seemed to have any customers.

OK so I took a photo of this place and a guy followed me, you can see his arm in the left of the photo.

This pig doesnt look close to cooked yet they are cutting bits off it already.

This is the only photo I took on my walk through Fulham, its a stupid photo, but it sums up the area.

Random architecture shot of the day. This is where the Zonda driver described above decided to light up the tyres and be an idiot. The risk of public failure was huge.

Heres my dinner, microwave meal prawn red curry. Delicious.

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Day 11 - Monday, 5 July 2010

New working week

It being monday, its another working week, so dont expect exciting adventures to take place.
After work I walked past White City to Acton Park, only to discover that Acton Park wasnt a tube station but an overground station, which didnt go anywhere useful.
So then I had to catch a bus.
The streets around here were a bit rough, there was a few youf drop in centres around, and people hanging around out the front of their houses in the side streets.
I was going to eat dinner along here but it was actually a bit too cheap for me, I figure anywhere you can get a full meal for 1 pound 50 is taking scary shortcuts.

Heres a side street running off Holland Road (I think), note how all the houses are exactly the same.
Those of you who think they look good and are stylish or cute or anything other girly term of excitement probably hate when they build a new block of houses that are all the same in a new suburb.
Well its exactly the same thing, so you are hypocrites.

The name of this chinese take away is the most commonly used term for using heroin or opium. Enjoy your meal.

Proof I rode on a bus.

heres my meal, from M&S, beef stroganoff with brocollini. Very nice. Boring photo but I have to show you something or you start emailing me complaining.

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Day 12 - Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Not Notting Hill or not?

Work today was more of the same, although I did go to a Morrisons store for the sweet potato and pea curry for lunch in their cafe. It was terrible. They also had coffee machines, coke machines and juice machines, all out of order! Your one choice of drink was a milkshake, proud to offer regular and malt.

In the evening my walk took me through Notting Hill, it was nice enough, nice trees on the main street through there, and huge houses behind huge walls so you couldnt really see what was going on.

I did however have a good dinner, read on for the photos.

Here I am, showing my support for the pro thaskin team in Thailand. I am examining this statue very closely as it is....

Lord Voldymyr, Ruler of the Ukraine! Erected in honor of the successful lawsuit against J K Rowling for stealing ideas from the proud people of Ukrania.

Heres a street view looking up Notting Hill, its nothing special in the photo really.

This is where my dinner came from, inside a shopping centre called Pho.

I had the chilli beef soup with noodles, it was very nice. Nice chilli sauce, and great herbs.

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Day 13 - Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Train spotting cars

Most of you will know that I have no friends, so instead I like cars. London is a great place to annoy people by photographing their expensive cars, especially around Harrods at Knightbridge, where arabs drive laps in their cars. I spotted the Zonda again but again it evaded the camera!

Also nearby is Hyde Park which is largely sandy paths for horses to crap on.

If you are wondering where todays dinner photo is, I had no dinner, as I had a large lunch.

Heres a Lamborghini Reventon. I presume its not new. But please notice the price is a million pounds.
I really like the fuel cap.

I guess its worth a second photo, its supposed to be modelled on the F22 Raptor fighter jet, the entire body is carbon fibre.

This is the only car worth more than the Reventon.

Heres a boring old Murcielago SV (super rice) in fetching red. You might recall (I doubt it) that I spotted one in Japan parked on the footpath with 100,000 people trying to walk past rubbing their bags and umbrellas along it.

Heres the lake in Hyde Park, it has many things floating in it.

This rock is very interesting to me. Note the exif data if you expand the picture, I had to stand still for a long time.

I was bored waiting for the train, so you get this photo as a free bonus today.

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