Still more Melbourne 6 May 2017 - Page 1

6 May 2017

I probably need to find something else to photograph

Pretty happy with this now.

A storm approaches - I hoped for a bit more sun poking through.


Streets were busy, it was very windy.

Classic chrome, slightly desaturated. Lots of people entering the station after a football game finished.

More Classic Chrome, ISO 2000 here, stopped down a bit.

Vegan protest. Impressive set up they have. Bonus point for framing the shot so the sign on the left says ASS WALLS

Another arcade, lense wide open for this one.

More of the same arcade.

And another arcade, cause it was raining outside. Poorly framed shot

Not great, almost seems out of focus.

Shadows heavily pushed.

Very happy with this shot, only a little bit of noise reduction added, ISO 2500, I kept the shutter at 1/60 this evening.

Also came out well, this was a really dark alley apart from those neon signs, but I was able to get some of the other detail too.

Best shot of the evening. I like the 3D effect of the people in front of the window, whilst still having the clarity to see the dumpling makers behind the glass.

Delicious dinner. The camera does fine in these situations. ISO 640 only.

Last one, a bit soft around the donut time van thing, but the focus was far from there. Needed to be higher aperture, but then 1/60 would be impossible.
I forgot to do a multi frame noise reduction test shot! That was the purpose of carrying my camera with me this evening. Oh well.