box 1, my main box, PIII 1000, 2 x 75gb IBM Drives raided, 512 mb ram, echo gina, geforece2 mx, on top is a usb smartcard reader and my shitty modem. case originally had a stupid door you had to open to get access to anything, i ripped it off within hours of taking delivery.



box 2 and 3, box 2 on the left is new today, it will be for freebsd/linux/beos/whatever else, 8gb hard drive (i will get more) celeron 600, 128 mb ram, box 3 on the right is a celeron 300a running overclocked, 256 mb ram, echo darla, voodoo banshee, 4 harddrives of various sizes, scsi slot in cdrom and scsi cdr.


box 4, on my bed right now, needs a new home, pentium 166 classic, has no current use, just looks cool, i took the case off for some reason and couldnt be bothered putting it back on properly.


box 5, acer pentium 90 laptop, lame passive screen, battery doesnt work but works fine with power, has a 3com ethernet card.


box 6, hp jornada, plugged into box 3 for synchronization, hardly ever gets used.


pics of boxes 7 and 8 to come (stored at remote locations for security and disaster recovery)


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