Adelaide 500 Car Race Page 2

March 15-17 2002

after the racing each night they have a concert, this is the stage, and i got excited when i saw it, i asked the sound guy what time emperor were playing and they said nothing, so i took that as a sign, emperor would be there!

heres another pic of the stage, i was running around calling the names of emperor in crazed excitement when some guy told me that local country and western stars were playing, after i stopped crying i shot 18 people

these are the actual cars people came to see, i have pretended i am a fire marshall to get these shots, just after this I ran out onto the track demanding the decision to play country music at the after race concert be changed

LOOK OUT a plane is going to fly into your head

hello there

blackhawk down! the radio announcer seriously asked the army blackhawk pilot if he had ever crashed like in the movie 'blackhawk down' he hadnt learnt his lesson from earlier

pull up! theres a bridge in front of you! this is an F-18, its the only one we have left, all the others are in afghanistan, papua new guinea could invade right now on hang gliders if they wanted

OK! i asked the navy band if emperor was playing later and they didnt know, at least they didnt say no, i sat for a couple of hours and waited in hope.

this is where i had lunch, look at those dorks with yellow wigs