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22nd of December 2006

Burning Sugar FTW

It has been a long time since theres been a cooking with ^rad^ episode. After the drawn out proceedings which followed the last one that is hardly surprising. However I am pleased to report that I have been given the all clear to post again!
Tonight we shall be making a dessert, which is in some way Portugese, according to a tv show. I am not big on desserts so this could go spectacularly wrong!

In this picture we see most of the ingrerdients, missing from this is milk and eggs, hen fresh eggs, I prefer hen eggs to rooster eggs

These are the scales I used in my other business, they are small and portable in case you need to flee the scene.

I have made doubly sure that this is indeed sugar, and added it to some water in the saucepan. Make sure you use an already burnt saucepan as the chances of further burning and potential ruining are high

Here it is on the stove, its important that you do not stir it and that you pour the sugar in the middle so it doesnt touch the sides, its also important that you use sugar and not say, rat poison.

After a while it starts doing this, dont stir it whatever you do!

While the sugar is catching fire, beat 6 eggs with some more sugar, you will need a lot of sugar for this recipe.

While thats all happening, you need to boil some milk, I poured it in and there was this other stuff floating in the milk. Luckily it was lemon peel and cinnamon quills and not someones finger as thats what the recipe asked for.

Here I am playing with fire. After the fire was out I put the milk on the stove to boil

The sugar had started to burn and smoke, after I took the battery out of the smoke detector it was ready.

You then pour the burnt sugar into the dish things, they are called ramekins, named after king ramses the III

After the milk has boiled over and gone everywhere, you mix it with the eggs and tip it on top of the burnt sugar, thus combining egg, burnt sugar, and burnt milk into a delicious combo of burntness

Sit them in a tray filled with water which will spill and burn you when you take them out of the oven.

Here they are once cooked! Its pretty exciting

I like to cut around the edge with a knife because it makes me look tough

This is how I like to server it, cause people have no clue what it is and are afraid to touch it, so then they go home and I can have it instead

And heres what it looks like when you pull off the lid thing! It worked!

And this concludes yet another spellbinding cooking page filled with mystery and intrigue
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