Some time in the year 2000

welcome to the first ever episode of cooking with ^rad^ over the next 5000 years this site will continue to grow.


first of all, we have a picture of the workspace

a modern kitchen, quite large, with island bench and many tools.

the ingredients we shall be using today

nutmeg, oil, salt, crushed tomato, ground pepper, cardamom seeds, coconut milk, beef stock, bay leaves, ground fennel, cayenne pepper, paprika, coriander, garlic, garam masala, cumin, onions.
The meat was purchased earlier and frozen, and hence needed to be defrosted

Just an ordinary microwave, an LG which replaced an old sharp which went rusty!

Now for the first images of the slaughtered beef

approximately 2 pounds of topside beef, no fat at all

The tools for the job coming up

A cheap knife and chopping board

we also need a pot for cooking

behold the dutch oven

for curry, it must be butchered into cubes of flesh

flame is applied to the pot

and the flesh added

finally the ingredients are added

and left to simmer for 6 hours

heres a progress shot about 3.5 hours after the one above

curry is typically accomponied with rice

and poppodams

the curry is now ready to be served

and finally, here it is!

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