May 6-10 2002

Watch out for crocs

Hello again!
this last week, I have been in Darwin, which is at the very top of Australia, near Papua New Guinea, heres some pics

this is the australian outback as seen from 30,000 feet, most of australia looks like this, no towns, no roads, nothing, except for a few aliens

another pic of the outback, i think i can see a few terrorist training camps

EDUCATUION TIME! the reason the middle of australia looks like this is because a few years ago it used to be the ocean, back when it was called gondwanaland, and full of gondwans.

I like all the colors in this photo

this here is a salt lake, they are completely flat, its probably 100 miles across, their are people attempting to break the land speed record on one of these lakes, not this one, the lake they use is lake gardener which is near here.

another picture of the salt lake, fascinating?

this is the restaurant I ate at one night, called the hogs breath cafe, i think in the USA there is something similar called the outback steakhouse. They specialise in slow cooked steaks

this is just a picture of darwin from the car, the palm trees and ferns actually grow wild here, and down along the coast is all mangroves with large crocodiles that bite

Darwin was bombed by the japanese during world war 2, because of that there are a lot of military bases here, i think this is a fuel tank

this is a road train going around the corner, the first trailer is already around, trailers 2, 3 and 4 are still coming

this is a water tower, they are everywhere, i think they are there for fighting fires mainly

heres my attempt at an artistic photo

this is the darwin parliament building, the government changed at the last election, on one guys last day he snuck into the parliament chamber with his girlfriend and got busy in the speakers chair, it was caught on camera

this is a building belonging to an oil company, there are oil platforms in the sea between darwin and timor

and here is an oil platform, i have zoomed in on this so thats why its blurred

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