HELLO! have you ever wondered what my garden looks LIKE? DO YOU LIKE ROSES?? IF SO MY FRIEND, TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!
I HAVE for you many pictures of the Roses in my garden (YES REALLY)!
ok please look

ok, this one is sort of dead, but its high, about 6 feet high!

this one is by the front fence, it grew up a pole, stupid rose.

this one is particularly strange, notice statue of a small naked boy to right of rose

this is another rose, its not funny like the other ones, its orange though!

ok, this one is red, which is not orange or pink, its especially not black

this is the smallest one, its a developing failure

this is a big pink one, its in front of a window, i think thats weird


this is the biggest rose you ever saw, notice my cool rubbish bin!

this rose has little flowers and one time it tried to kill me

this one is red like blood! i love it! and it loves me!

this rose thinks its a tree, its 12 feet high, i think if you climb to the top you can touch the sky

this is the last one, if you made it this far you are a true rose lover!

thats it theres no more, go away now

Go back, theres no more rose pictures but theres other equally silly stuff