Roast Lamb Page 2

I pierced the lamb with a metal skewer, check out the cool perspective on this shot

I decided the skewer didnt make a big enough hole so i used a wooden chop stick which i use to catch flies with karate kid style

into the holes you push the rosemary and garlic, its fun!

I repeat on 3 of the 4 sides

now time to add some vegetables, these are plain washed potatoes which I dug up in the street

I just cut them up, i dont peel them, i like the skins because of their streety flavour, cook with the skin on the bottom first so they dont stick cause that sux

this is what we call a capsicum (in the usa they are bell peppers i think) just cut into fairly large slivers vertically, remove the seeds if there are any, or dont sicne they wont kill you in such small quantities

I just chuck everything in as you can see, if you prefer you can have a different dish for each thing and buy 3 ovens.

next are zuchinis, you chop the ends of these then slice lengthways, they scream a little bit when you slice them

its starting to pile up!

these are mushrooms (I picked them at an industrial site, they glow in the dark) i just chuck these in whole

this is everything thats going in the pan, i add a little olive oil and a little butter, not much, fat from the meat will add a meaty flavour to all the vegetables rendering them a psuedo meat

into the oven at about 200c for the first hour to brown, then down to 180c to cook until done, I have no clue what that is in farenheit, a scale invented for no good reason.