Roast Lamb Page 3

this pic was taken an hour after it went in the oven, its nicely browned, i turned the oven down to 180 now. The skill is taking it out without getting burnt, soak your hands in water for 30 seconds and work fast.

this is about 2 hours after it went in, all vegetables except potatoes are cooked and are removed, they taste like lamb now!

Nice glasses dickhead

I just put the vegetables in a bowl and keep it in the microwave where the snakes and spiders cant get to it


now its time to make the gravy, i cheat and use powdered gravy, im fat enough already so i dont make real gravy. A good compromise is to use blood instead of water, but I couldnt find anything sharp enough to induce bleeding

just add some powder to saucepan

and add some water, place on low heat, i find that the best way to make lump free gravy is to stir it with a pastry brush, this one is plastic so bits of plastic melt into the gravy for added tastyness