Sometime in the year 2000

here are the ingredients required, dried lasagne pasta sheets, tinned crushed tomatoes, red wine, dried oregano, oil, black pepper, salt, onion, celery, carrot, mushroom, capsicum (bell peppers), minced beef (loose meat?).
missing from the photo are garlic and concentrated tomato paste.

heres a shot of the frying pan i decided to use, its a rather unusual square pan with a lid, the lid is important.

the vegetables must be finely chopped, the idea is that they form a sauce once the cooking is finished, from left to right we have mushrooms, capsicum, carrot, celery and onion.

the beef is cooked in some oil, if it was frozen you will need to break it apart, the implement on the left is normally used for mashing potatoes, i used it to help break the beef apart.

the chopped vegetables are added to the pan and stirred in, lightly fried.

the tinned crushed tomatoes are added and stirred in

finally added is the red wine, concentrated tomato paste and some water, the lid is put onto the pan and it is left to simmer

heres a progress shot after 1 hour of cooking

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