Waterfall Gully

January 11 2002

so many steps

HELLO AGAIN! this time i have become a true tree hugger and gone on a nature walk (yes seriously)

after scaring a bus load of tourists by driving on the wrong side of the road leading to the car park i arrived
here is a picture of the exciting car park (those are not my cars(I should have photographed my car(Next time I will)))

This is another shot of the car park, notice the caravan (trailer as they are called in GBA (God blessed america)) *brackets :)* I went over and knocked on the window but there was no one there, i find this strange, why is it there? how long has it been there? stay tuned next week for the answers to this and many more questions

this is a shot of the dense jungle, this is actually where they shot the movied predator, if you look closely you can see the predator (one of them escaped during filming)
as you can remember their blood glows a weird color, at this point i decided that like arnold i would discard my machine guns and instead use a sharp stick, incase i encountered the predator.

this is a shot of the dense jungle from the top of a tree i climbed, the predator moved through the trees, i decided the best way to hunt the predator was to be like him, or her

this is a sign with a map, i looked all over it for the x which marks the spot of the hidden treasure, but there is none, i do not understand this at all
the treasure will never be found if it is not shown on the map, its stupidity like this that forces the young kids onto drugs.

here is another sign, and a picture of a horse! for other pictures of interesting horses see my zoo page.
the creature in the bottom right shoots lasers from its eyes and may in fact be a pokemon.

the path to enlightenment contains many steps, if you can snatch the pebble from my hand grasshopper

heres some more steps, i think i saw the predator but it may have been a pokemon (they are both equally as dangerous)

yes, there were many steps (many)

and then there it was, the smallest most pathetic waterfall in existance!
I couldnt stay and look for long because there were many crocodiles, if you look closely you can see a croc jumping off the top of the waterfall

here I am near the top of the waterfall on high croc alert

here I am at the top of of the waterfall, the red dot is where my car is, I tried to hit it with a rock.

there were still more steps.....

here is the tora bora caves you have all been hearing about, the red dot represents the entrance to osamas bunker
previously it has been occupied by elvis and jfk, a double room costs $120 per night with full breakfast and in house movies

finally i reached the top, below is the city and you can see all the way to the sea, the red dot is my house