Festival Fringe Parade Page 4

this is the last page i promise, this parade really sucked, i want the 2 hours of my life back, please!

this is a variation on the other fish i think, its green and only part of a fish, maybe they didnt finish it

who are these idiots? they are from croatia i think it says in the sign

ok, this is no joke, this is the australian gay pipe band, called 'the pipe blowers'

its about time we saw some skin

oh no, the guy in the foreground is being attacked by a squirrel on his head!

i think these losers think they are in the matrix.....woah!

this is the last thing in the parade, its all the rubbish rolled up into a big ball, if only the ball was large enough to crush everyone in front of them

THATS IT, let me apologize again for the crapness of the parade CLICK HERE TO GO BACK TO r4d.org