31st of December 2006

Cooking with a ferrari


For xmas I was lucky enough to get a new pizza maker. I have been messing about for ages trying to get my normal house oven hot enough to cook proper pizza, and failed.
Then I decided my outdoor bbq grill was the way to go, and it sort of worked, but normally resulted in a fire and also, who wants to cook pizza outside in the dark in the rain in winter?
So when I unwrapped my new pizza maker, I was pretty excited! Heres the first pizzas I made with it, in true dorky ^rad^ tradition, I have photographed this in the hope that someone will shower me with false praise!

Here you can see all the crap that will go on it, if you wanted to be truelly true to the pizza truth it would have only sauce, bocconcini and basil.
I am adding a few more things though, which could get me chucked out of the club.

Heres a closer look at some of the ingredients, you can see the 2 balls of dough as well. I should have taken pictures of me making the dough but I wasnt thinking ahead 4 hours earlier than this to remember to take this shot for the future before I wanted to go back to the past and then back to the future.

Here you can see where I have stretched out the base to the heart pumping bass to the face.
Also you can see my sauce, I make the sauce by heating up a bit of olive oil imported from the virgin princess fields of hand picked atlantis, and adding in a heap of crushed garlic and finely chopped basil. To that you then add some pureed crushed tomato and turn it off and stir!
You can also see that the base is on 2 wooden things, this is the greatest invention in the history of the world, edison has nothing on this.

Here is the assembled pizza on the wooden things which will be placed onto the pizza stone and just slide out like magic, preventing burning and tantrums that normally ensue from trying to slide/flick/peel/pray/pry off a pizza from cardboard or something else.

Here it is some 4 minutes later, cooked! Check out the elite burning, authenticity! Burning adds flavour. In seriousness it puffed up SO MUCH that bits of it touched the heating element at the top, in future I could lift the lid earlier on and just prick the massive flavour bubbles that form.

Heres the best bit, I have risked burning and got down under the pizza maker with my big ass camera to show you the base. Check out the elite charring, this is what all pizza afficionados and also ^rad^ aims for. If you eat crap from pizza hut you suck

Heres one last shot of the pizza maker, the G3 Ferrari, oh how I love thee. The pizza was crisp on the top and the bottom and soft in the middle with many air bubbles and good charring. The crust bubbled up through the sauce just as I like it!

And this concludes yet another action packed cooking page filled with appliances painted in red to resemble a car!
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