HELLO! today i went for a plane ride, check it out, February 3rd 2002


It is traditional for pilots to not allow photos to be take of the aircraft before departure, my dad would not even let me take the camera out of the case before the plane was moving.

here is the instrument panel of the piper saratoga, the top centre is the gps bay, gps is not needed for a short flight around the airport so its left blank, i tried to put my drink in there being dumb pretending it was a drink holder, dad was not pleasesd


here we are on a taxiway, a dirt taxiway, the plane had just been washed and now its dirty again, i found this amusing, my dad said something about a duck or a fire truck or something


here we are on a normal taxiway, note the yellow line, you follow this line or else you might drive over a landmine, the taliban have placed mines throughout the airport here at kandahar


here we are turning to take off unfortunately it is cloudy today and visibility is not the best


just after passing through mach 1.5 the front wheel comes off


lift off! ....tranquility base over....


i check the crossing runways in case any other aircraft were trying to push in


theres nobody at all on this roof, we radioed back to base to report


heres pictures of cars, houses, trees and roads, thrilling stuff


and more of the same, the small window is the emergency exit, im not sure im going to fit