PLANE! page 2

kandahar airport


the burnt spot used to be a church before i happened to be going past last week


mangroves and power lines, the mangrove swamps are ideal spots for corpse disposal


this is the citys sewerage ponds, i like to hang out here on the weekends and see what floats by...


it wasnt a clear day but i have managed to clean this pic up a bit and zoom in, this is the city, we are easily 20 miles away from there, so its pretty good i think.


another small picture of the city, i live just to the left of this photo


this is a new housing development with a fake lake, so far they have managed to keep the crocodiles out


this is a picture of a highway surrounded by a swamp, if your car catches fire just drive into the swamp, a fuel tanker road train rolled over here last week and killed the driver, fuel leaked into the swamp, you dont need a fishing rod to catch fish there now

heres a picture of a train, we have now seen trains planes and automobiles