TOUR DOWN UNDER!~@$ January 18 2002

today i went to watch the 4th stage of the tour down under bike race, click here to see the official site.

heres the sign that says where i am, luckily, cause otherwise i could have been somewhere else, jacobs creek is a wine maker, apparently each rider has to drink 2 bottles of wine before the start of the race to make it more interesting


heres some of the support cars, they have bikes on their roof, this is so that the riders can sit up on the roof of the car and get a better view of the countryside


heres a news car parked outside what looks like a church, as some of you may know Adelaide (where I live) is known as the city of churches, this church is in fact converted into a chemist (drug store), i tried to burn it but some dork came out and put the fire out


the night before the race they closed off the streed and dorks did stupid things while drunk, this here is a skateboard ramp, i think that guy in blue may be tony hawk


these ambulances are here in case tony hawk face plants


if you ever car jack one of these you have to check out the cool shit in the back, the heart starter thing is awesome at parties for scaring the kids


heres some more support vehicles and a rubbish bin, the riders are chilling inside the vans before the race, and no joke, they are blasting cypress hill at top volume


yeah, heres another pic, this car here is playing pantera, if you listen you can hear me yelling abuse at fake metal loving idiots.


heres our first view of the promotions girls, there are a few different varieties, these are the red version, they give out whistles


i listened in, she said 'is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?'


this is the green team, that guy with the mobile phone was talking shit pretending he was doing secret police business, i listened closely and i heard the phone 'at the third stroke the time will be 11:05 AM precisely beep beep beep'