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that guy on the roof of the car keeps looking at me


after i took this pic i pushed one of the cop bikes over and they all fell like dominoes, after a short run i disappeared into the crowd


heres some more of the red ones


these cops are looking for a long haired male that pushed over their bikes


and then the race was on! i managed to hit 5 riders, the first with my jolt bottle, the second with my souvenir whistle, the third with a small child, the fourth i clothes lined and the fifth i jumped off the top rail of the fence and body slammed


i just couldnt stop yelling 'ride faster you cheese eating lycra wearing fools!' it was amazing how much room i had around me, it was packed out everywhere else along the fence


look at that guy closely and see if you can see where i hit him


and then they were gone, closely followed by a heap of cars whos job it is to run over anyone who falls off


i tried to hitch a ride but no one would stop


the ambulance follows along in case anyone falls off and gets run over by the chase cars


and then finally i saw elvis and realised that the day couldnt get any better



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