HELLO! today I went to the zoo, 7th of January 2002


this is an alligator, its only little, there were no australian crocodiles that i could see


this is an ape, like a monkey but bigger


the ape was flying around it was hard to take his picture, a small child was tossed in but he managed to get away, i think this might be that one that marky mark likes


these are babboons, i think I will be reincarnated as one


heres the babboons again


this is some sort of asian bear, it was small, i was hoping he would dance but he just stood there


these are macaws, they fly around the zoo and the keeper guy calls them and they come back, i think he feeds them drugs


these taste just like chicken!

my cat liked this one


this is like bambi only it hasnt been shot and stuffed