Phillip Island Xmas 2017 - Page 1

Xmas 2017

Phillip Island

Stayed in a motel at San Remo, spent the better part of 3 days roaming around Phillip Island. On the last day went sea kayaking.

Here is the beach at Cowes. For the photo nerds, I didnt realise my camera had Raw turned off, so this is an in camera JPG.... I am starting to think I should always let the camera do the conversion.

Another in camera jpg conversion looking into very bright sunlight.

I got up early on Xmas day and went for a walk.

This is the nobbies, near the famous penguin walk. We did not see the expensive penguin walk at dusk as its expensive and sold out. We did however see a lot of penguins.

You cannot actually walk out to this, even though I wanted to.

The light made for some really bright colors. Despite there being very few people in this shot, there was a surprisingly high number of mainly Chinese and Indian tourists enjoying the sites.

Penguins live in little holes all up this spendidly colored cliff.

I re edited this to make it less brightly colored, but its still really bright.

The angry sea. On our Kayak adventure the next day the police helicopter and jet skis were looking for a drowned swimmer. This is something that happens very regularly in Australia. Generally its foreign tourists who cant swim who ignore all the warnings.

This came out pretty well, it looked horrible unedited, all white, camera was pointing directly at the sun.

The next location was the Woolami beach and cliff walks, long, and I got sun burnt on the back of my knees.

Lots of great colors.

Here is a crop of a seal. Others approached it and it stayed asleep, I approach it gets angry and starts growling / hissing.

A bit more of the cliffs we would soon walk along.

Looking back up the beach from where we had come.

On top of the cliffs theres a well maintained path, but I still nearly stepped on this lizard.

View from the top.

More view.

Blurry crop of an echidna on the move. I took mainly a video and missed good photo opportunities.

The destination at the end of the cliff walk, the colonnades.

Looking down before scurrying across.

Nice fluffy native trees.

Some more view.

I scrambled to the top alone, it was not really as perilous as it looks.

Next day, Rhyall walk, some mangroves.

A bit more mangrove swamp, no crocodiles here.

There are a series of boardwalks to enjoy the view, I was getting more and more sunburnt.

Uninspiring photo of the mangroves.

Last day prior to the Kayaking, couldnt take photos from the kayaks, too risky that my camera would end up in the ocean.