Ripponlea - 26 August 2017 - Page 1

26 August 2017


Still one more weekend of winter. Caught the tram, started at the underwhelming St Kilda Botanic gardens, then scrolled google maps, ended up at the Ripponlea estate followed by lunch and the train home. I am old.

Part of a fern close up in a fern house in the St Kilda Botanic Gardens.

A red flowering thing.

By getting down below and shooting up using my tilting screen I made these thigns appear giant.

This is a random tree in the front garden of a house, it has enormous pink flowers. Tricky photo pointing into the sun. Looks like a Japanese painting.

Subdued colors of the lake in the Ripponlea estate thanks to classic chrome film simulation.

Lake with a bridge, not a great photo really.

Brighter colors, velvia simulation.

Would have been great if the silly sign was not there, what is the point of this sign?

Delicious salad for lunch from a Jewish style deli. I skipped the Ruben sandwich.