Sichuan - China - Chengdu - Chongqing - March 2013 - Page 1

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This is the line of people demanding to know if their connection would be met. Each person got the same story, theres only 3 possible connections on this flight including mine, and the guys behind the desk made an announcement about all 3.
Still each of these people remained in the line to hear it again in person and express their extreme anger personally and swear to never fly Qantas again.
However just looking out the window, what other choice do they have really? Theres no planes parked here now at all except Qantas, so I hope they enjoy the slow boat to China or staying home forever.

Camera Details: SONY, DSC-RX100
Settings: 1/30 at f/4, ISO 800, 26 mm
Date: 23 March 2013 Time: 07:21:51