Sony a7ii

Here is a collection of photos taken on my Sony a7ii camera which are not part of the bigger journey / trip / month long solo odyssey posts on the front page of

Melbourne sunset

9 December 2018

I caught a great sunset in Melbourne with my Sony a7ii with an adapted Helios-44m 58mm F/2 lens

New old lenses

8 December 2018

My Sony camera works well with old adapted lenses, so I bought a couple. A Minolta 50mm F/1.7 and Helios-44m 58mm F/2


21 October 2018

I am not entirely satisfied with the quality of my night shots with my new camera, so I went out and did a bit more practice. Still more practice required!


14 October 2018

At this time in 2 weeks from now I will be in Japan messing about with my new camera and climbing things, until then I cant seem to stop taking photos of things on or near the Ocean around Melbourne.


12 October 2018

2 weeks until I go to Japan, still learning the new camera, so I went to take photos of boats at the very quiet are of Melbourne Docklands. It is very unlikely I will take photos like this in Japan.

St Kilda

7 October 2018

I went to St Kilda and took photos of the Ocean and a garden while avoiding the 15,000 people lining up to appear on the finale filming of a home renovation television show.


6 October 2018

A few more shots from my new Sony, messing about with lightroom, after taking these photos I bought a new wrist strap.


2 October 2018

These are the first photos I took with my new a7ii, I had no editor so they are all straight out of camera jpegs resized in This probably does not show off the full frame fancy lens optically stabalised shenanigans.