Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore - March/April 2011 - Page 5

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......So in the meantime, a guy comes into the store area (its actually an outdoor area) and starts giving a presentation about calling cards hes trying to sell.
This goes on for some time, but no ones buying.
Next thing another guy comes out from the kitchen with a cup of tea and puts it in front of me, I said I didnt order tea, he walked off, I assume its free and take a sip, plain tea. Next thing he comes back again and takes it away!

Food comes out to my table, its not mine, its left for a while, another table points and tells the waiter something in Hindi, he retrieves the food and gives it to them.
This happened twice more! On the third time I cracked up laughing.
Next someone tried to order sweets, and they tried to box them in some fancy box, and they were all stuck together, like they hadnt moved for days, the potential customer was put off by this and an argument ensued, he left.

Then a waiter spilled a glass of water over another customer.

Eventually my food came out, to the wrong table, they looked confused and argued, but it was left on their table, so I got up and got it, they thanked me in English!

So it was a fantastic adventure, and the food was actually very nice!

Camera Details: Canon, Canon PowerShot S90
Settings: 1/40 at f/2, ISO 250, 6 mm
Date: 06 April 2011 Time: 20:56:06