A full lap of Taiwan in March 2017 - Page 1

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This is a typical Taipei backstreet. Taipei really is the most interesting city I know of to just wander around endlessly. I think its the contrast between ultra modern and old and dirty.
This street is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, they have some nice paving in the road but the footpath is covered in scooters and boiling oil so you have to walk on the road and dodge small trucks.
Also the shops are food, old women clothes, scooter repairs, speaker wire, random hoses, food, foot massage, hair dresser, dog hair dresser, food.

Camera Details: SONY, DSC-RX100
Settings: 1/250 at f/2.2, ISO 320, 10 mm
Date: 06 March 2017 Time: 12:09:18