I flew all the way to Tokyo and back for the weekend - Page 1

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Finally, I have banned chocolate from this trip. So I bought a dessert cup from 7/11. Its red bean with glutinous rice balls and cream. I could do without the cream but other than that, fantastic!
The sad part - I forgot to get a spoon from the convenience store, and my room doesnt even have a tea spoon. What to do. I assumed my best Macgyver and used the end of the disposable tooth brush Qantas gave out on the plane which I hadnt used yet. It worked and made me eat it slower and enjoy it more.

Camera Details: SONY, DSC-RX100
Settings: 1/30 at f/1.8, ISO 250, 10 mm
Date: 26 October 2012 Time: 21:11:07