I flew all the way to Tokyo and back for the weekend - Page 1

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I got on the wrong train at first. But leapt off just in time. I assumed that the train which came to my platform 3 minutes before the departure time would be the one I should be on. Of course 3 minutes is far too long for a train to remain at the terminating station, its not like the driver runs up the other end, Japan is far too efficient and has another driver waiting up the end of the platform so as not to waste any time at all.

The sign is all in Japanese in this otherwise very modern station which is owned by a department store (who owns all the stations and lines I am using today).

Camera Details: SONY, DSC-RX100
Settings: 1/80 at f/1.8, ISO 125, 10 mm
Date: 27 October 2012 Time: 09:44:31