Torquay - 12 June 2017 - Page 1

12 June 2017


After working the last 2 public holidays I was kind of confused about what to do for this one in June. So I took a train and then a bus for a walk at Torquay on the coast near Geelong.

Heres a beach. I stuffed up taking photos today, my camera was set to -1ev exposure compensation all from messing about the night before.
As my camera has no viewfinder, in bright sun its hard to know whats going on based on previewing the image on the screen. Rookie mistake.

Here are some rocks. I think white balance was also a struggle today, I left it on auto, I think I should have manually selected.
However I will say, this beach is very orange in real life, the sand and rocks are all a strange bright orange color.

Rocks in the foreground and background.

A few more rocks.

There are lots of surfers, as this place is near the famous bells beach.

More surfers, probably looking for sharks.

There is a lagoon and river and people flinging fishing hooks at my eyes. I am afraid of fishing hooks.

A bit more from the lagoon.

Time to enjoy the view at Point Danger.

I climbed down to see if I could get washed out to sea.

Some more of the rocks from the hidden beach.

And finally, time to make the return bus / train journey home. Here is the Geelong train station.