heres some more half naked girls selling things, these are the orange version


after i took this shot i hopped on and took a ride, i popped a wheelie and then some dude yelled at me in italian, he was waving his hands like a dork so i gave him his bike back


heres the orange hourly paid employees again


its my main man the devil! if anyone has ever seen the tour de france on tv you will see some dude dressed up as the devil chasing the cyclists up the road, here he is!


I swear, he followed me, next thing i know hes posing for the camera, then he talked to me, for some reason he wanted to be my friend


look at these dorks thinking they are cool


these people are looking for bombs, after they frisked me twice they allowed me to go


then i saw a heap of big guys with no legs glued to the roofs of cars, also a kangaroo and a wine bottle


check out these mini plastic men riding a big camera, i tried to steal one but he bit me


check out that plastic ass (all my webpages have some sort of ass shot)


hers a shot of the big screen, i went over to some guy behind it running the show and asked if he could maybe show a movie instead, he spoke to me in french so i slapped him, i think he may be the french police man from allo allo